Music Industry News and Professional Collaboration Song

Music industry news and i would spend more time making sure I am familiar with publicists in modern entertainment, But that’s very broad to me because any and everything can be boiled down to – who you know. When it comes to music industry contacts I’m very skeptical and I think a lot of the selling points are manipulative. which projects are most important to them at the moment, what’s going on in their week, etc. This information is just as valuable as the contact and will help you in your decision making. The one thing that is needed most in the music industry is a directory of individuals who can actually help you with your career. Even if you do have the contact information for Steve Lunt , you still need to get his attention and get an incredibly good product. I tend to think that if a contact is easy to get, then it’s probably easy for thousands upon thousands of other people just like me to get the same contact information. That’s actually just a fact because anyone serious about their career should be able to scrape up 40bucks to get a directory full of contacts. When you do obtain contact information for an exec, you are sure to spend more time talking to their assistant or an music industry modern.

So instead of talking to them on a (secretarial or assistant) level, make sure to get them actively involved in what you have to present. People always say know the names of the assistants, as they are “gatekeepers”, but it’s more important to be able to get as much information as you can about what’s happening in the department.

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